Common Fears About Elderly Parents: At What Point Are The Fears Unhealthy?

Do you have an elderly parent who has recently moved into an assisted living facility? If so, this is a challenging time for you and your family. Adjusting to the physical, emotional, and mental declines of the twilight years can be a rollercoaster. Sometimes you might even feel afraid of what's ahead. Here are some fears common to this stage of life, and what to do if they've gotten too strong a hold on you. Read More 

Why Good Nutrition Is So Important For Seniors

There are numerous signs that indicate when a senior is beginning to have trouble caring for him or herself. One of these signs is weight loss, which can indicate a problem with not eating right. This may be a good opportunity to talk to your parent about moving into an assisted living center. There, he or she will have help and support for completing daily tasks, but your parent will also receive three healthy meals a day. Read More