A Few Signs It Is Time To Start Looking At Retirement Homes

When you are concerned about an elderly relative, deciding when a retirement home might be needed is emotionally stressful. The change of living arrangements can cause confusion and depression in a person who has been living in his or her home for a long time. You do not want to force the issue if the person is capable of taking care of him or herself. However, you also do not want to wait until your relative has a bad fall, forgets to take his or her medication, or ends up having to do expensive repairs to the house. Here are a few good signs that indicate it is time to start discussing a move to a retirement home.

Physically or Mentally Unable to Perform Daily Activities

If your relative is not mobile enough to do the simple tasks such as bathing, picking up the house or preparing meals, it is time to consider getting help. While you may want to get a home health aide to come daily and help with these chores, you need to keep in mind that your relative is more prone to accidents that can cause serious injuries. Unless you have help there 24 hours a day, you can never be sure of his or her safety.

When the problem is more mental, a home aide may not be prepared to deal with your relative if he or she becomes confused or scared. A person may not have any idea of who the aide is and why he or she is in the house. This can result in someone getting hurt.

House Problems

If the house is older and is in constant need of some type of repair, it might be prudent to sell it instead of putting more money into it. This is especially true when your relative cannot do even the simple repairs him or herself. Even if there is a decent amount of money in savings or income, replacing a roof or needing a new heating system can eat away at the funds quickly. You do not want to have to worry about normal living expenses because everything went to keep the house in good shape.

Social Needs

As a person ages and close friends and relatives die, loneliness and depression can come into their life. In many situations, getting out and about to meet new friends in the same age group is just not possible. A retirement home has many people who are in the same predicament. In addition, there will be some type of activities scheduled for the residents. The staff understands the limitations and abilities of the residents and is there to help, encourage and teach when necessary.

While you may not be looking forward to taking your relative to a retirement home, it is important to understand that it is not a negative thing. When the time comes, having the help and companionship available will not only ensure your loved one's physical safety, it will ensure he or she can still lead a full and enjoyable life. If you're looking for a retirement home in your area, visit The Cedars.