Secure Comfort And Safety For Your Loved Ones - Questions To Ask An Assisted Living Facility

Making the decision to move someone you care about into an assisted living facility can be a very difficult and emotional task. For a grown adult to agree to give up some of their freedoms, they'll have to be reassured that the facility they're moving to is truly as comfortable and enjoyable as it's portrayed in the advertising materials. That means developing a real working knowledge of the facility before a commitment is made.

Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your assisted living facility. Having these answers will allow all parties involved to feel more confident about the pending transition, guaranteeing that the move you're working on will be a happy one.

Ask About Outside Physicians

Most of the time, a move to assisted living is necessary when a person's medical needs can no longer be kept up with by their concerned family. Allowing your loved one to maintain contact with their existing doctors is important in order to avoid interruptions in treatment and guarantee that trust between doctor and patient is allowed to build

Be sure to ask about your facility's policy on home visits from outside doctors. If those visits aren't possible, most assisted living facilities have shuttle services such as individual car trips or group bus outings to large medical complexes. As long as the center is kept in the loop about the patient's schedule, maintaining their current treatment should be possible.

Ask About Activities

Contrary to portrayals in popular culture, many assisted living facilities strive to provide more stimulating recreation than bingo and board games. The social and community aspects of assisted living can be great tools in preventing feelings of isolation, and a vibrant activity schedule is part of that process.

Many assisted living facilities work with local attractions to schedule group outings which can accommodate mobility challenged individuals. Trips to a zoo, museums, or even bars and restaurants can provide an engaging social component that promotes an active lifestyle.

Ask About Safety

Ultimately, assisted living facilities are necessary for those who can no longer safely care for themselves. If you move someone into a facility which doesn't provide the necessary upgrade in support, then you've made a move for no reason at all. Be sure to ask the facility about their safety procedures, frequency of check ins, and available staff around the clock. Easy access to medical equipment and alarm systems will guarantee that your loved one receives adequate care in even the most serious circumstances.