Facts About Assisted Living Communities You Need To Know

In the past, when someone grew old and could not live alone anymore, that person may have moved in with family members. However, for many people, moving in with their kids or other family members is not an option, leaving them the only option of a nursing home. Today, you do have more choices for getting the help you to need to get around while remaining in your own place. If you think an assisted living community is the same as a nursing home, check out these facts that may change your mind.

Making New Friends While Leaving Your Independence Intact

In a nursing facility, you live in a room, sometimes with another person. In an assisted living community, you have your own apartment or small house. You will have neighbors, but you will not be living with them in one room. In fact, many elderly people that move into an assisted living community end up making several new friends that are also neighbors. One great thing about making friends in this community is you already have a great deal in common with them.

Enjoying More Free Time for Your Hobbies

For a lot of elderly folks, the mention of a nursing home or an assisted living community can create fear. For most older people, their fear is centered around losing a portion of heir privacy and freedom. You should know that in an assisted living community, you can still grow your favorite vegetables and flowers in your yard. However, you can also have more time for the parts of your outdoor gardening you favor the most because you will have a lawn service to care of tasks like cutting grass and trimming shrubs. You can even enjoy assistance with everyday chores like cleaning the house and cooking meals as well, leaving you more free time to enjoy reading or watching your favorite television series.

The Fear of Nursing Home Abuse

Because in an assisted living community you live in your private residence, the risk of nursing home abuse is greatly diminished. In an assisted living setting, you will have the in-home nursing care you need each day, but with a lot less incident of reported abuse. Sadly, in many nursing facilities that are poorly staffed, the risk of abuse is higher. If you or a loved one is worried about abuse, taking the time to thoroughly investigate the background of a community and its professional staff is always a good idea. Taking out time to talk to the residents already living there is a good way to learn more about the kind of medical attention they receive in the community you are considering.

While no one likes to think about moving out their home, you might think about the benefits of doing so. This is especially true if you have trouble getting around or you have trouble with remembering important times and dates like when to take your medicine. The life you can look forward to at an assisted living community like Harbor Lights House Assisted Living Inc is filled with helping hands and lot of great, new friends.