What You Should Know About Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities offer an advanced level of care for people who need to be in close communication with specialists. Here is some information you can use if one of your loved ones requires the type of assistance that a skilled nursing facility can provide:

1. Some amount of skilled nursing care is covered by insurance.

If your loved one needs skilled nursing care, their insurance company will likely be able to cover at least some of the cost. Many health insurance policies cover a certain number of days in a skilled nursing facility per calendar year. You can consult your insurance policy or contact your insurance representative to find out how many days your loved one is allowed. This can help you plan your loved one's care to come up with the most affordable solution.

2. Skilled nursing facilities can accommodate people for short-term stays.

Traditional nursing homes and assisted living facilities usually house elderly people permanently. Seniors can receive help with daily tasks in these facilities, which can allow them to retain their freedom and autonomy when they can no longer live alone. Skilled nursing facilities are different, in that they often house residents who stay for only a short period of time. Following surgery or hospitalization, your loved one may need additional care as they recuperate. A skilled nursing facility can provide that care, and your loved one will be able to return home when they're well enough to do so.

3. Specialists provide treatment at skilled nursing facilities.

When your loved one is recovering from an injury, illness, or medical procedure, they may need to undergo physical rehabilitation to recover their full range of motion. Physical therapists are available at skilled nursing facilities. Your loved one can get the rehab services they need without having to travel to see various doctors. The ability to see many specialists at their place of residence is a great boon for people who have limited mobility or who have lost the ability to drive.

4. Meals are provided.

In addition to skilled nursing care, skilled nursing facilities provide all the day-to-day services you would expect to find in any assisted living facility. Your loved one will be provided with three nutritious meals each day. When your loved one doesn't need to worry about daily errands such as cooking, cleaning, and shopping, they can focus their energy on their recovery. This can help them feel better more quickly.