What Senior Home Care Services Can You Get For Your Loved One?

If you have a loved one who is struggling to live on their own but they are reluctant to move into a nursing home or assisted living, what do you do? There are times when people are unable to fully live in their homes alone or it's not recommended that they do, but moving into an assisted living facility or a nursing home just doesn't make sense right away.

There is a way you can get your loved one the care they desire while they still live at home so they can be comfortable and feel great in their own place of comfort. It's called senior home care services. Learn what this is all about and what senior home care services you can get for your loved one. 

General house upkeep

Your loved one can have help with their home if they have senior home care services come and help them out. General housekeeping includes dishes, vacuuming, general tidying, and even light laundry duties. This helps take the load off your aging loved one and gives them someone to keep them company during the day as well, if they wish. This is a senior home care service that is often done with other services.

Daily errand running

If your aging loved one no longer drives, then having someone come and help them with regular errands, including getting them to and from appointments, can be a great way to help them get around. Your loved one may choose to go along with these errands if they are able, or they may stay at home. Either way, having senior in-home care services specialists assist with the daily needs your loved one cannot take care of can be a great help.

Personal care needs

Does your loved one need help getting in and out of the shower or need help brushing their teeth? Sometimes this is too intimate an ask of family members but not something that a senior home care specialist would feel out of place helping with. If your loved one needs personal care assistance, then hiring a senior home care specialist of their choosing to help them may help them feel more independent and in control than they might otherwise.

It's wise to sit down with your loved one to discuss their care needs if you feel they are struggling in any way. By letting them help pick their senior home care services provider, your loved one can feel more validated and willing to get assistance at home.

Speak to a company like Specialty Home Care to learn more.