Tips For Choosing A Retirement Home

As you get older, you may find yourself wanting to move to a retirement home to limit the amount of home maintenance you need to do yourself or to just downsize a bit. There are a number of important considerations when choosing retirement homes.

Is This Your Last Move?

Some retirement homes are in communities meant for people who are still active and healthy, which could mean that you may need to move to an assisted living facility or nursing home in the future. If you'd like to be able to stay in familiar surroundings even if your health should decline, you may want to consider one of the communities that offer various levels of care, allowing a person to move into an independent living home while they are still able to care for themselves and then transfer to an assisted living facility or nursing home in the same community as the level of care they need increases. This can be a great option, as it allows a person to potentially spend the rest of their life in the same community. 

Try to Meet the Neighbors

Looking into the activities and services provided by a retirement community is a start, but it's even better if you can try out those you'd be interested in before committing to the new home. Then you can discover if the restaurant actually serves food that you like and if the people who are already participating in the activities you were considering are people you'd want to spend time with. You may not be so excited about that bridge club if you find you can't stand any of the people in the community that already participate, but knowing that the people who belong to the square dancing club in another community are your type of people may make it easier to decide between a couple different retirement homes.

Consider Transportation Options

You probably already know to make sure that your new home will be a convenient distance to the places you'll regularly want to go, but don't forget to look into potential transportation options as well. As you get older, you may find it harder to drive, so it's nice if there is a good public transportation system that could bring you where you want to go or if the community has many of the stores and services you need within walking distance. Some retirement communities have people get around on golf carts, which can be convenient and a bit easier than driving a car on busy roads.

Financial Considerations

When moving to a new home for retirement, you may want to move to a home that is less expensive than you can afford. Then you can set aside the difference to cover any unexpected expenses or emergencies. With the decreased income people typically have available after they retire, it can be hard to plan to the potentially increased expenses that can occur as a person gets older, such as increased medical costs. Keep in mind you'll also have more free time, and if you spend less on your home, you'll have more money to use on things that you enjoy doing that will make your retirement more enjoyable. For more information, visit websites like