Ensure Your Elderly Parent Is Able To Recover In Peace After A Surgery By Hiring A Residential Care Company To Assist Them

If your elderly parent will be having major surgery in the near future, you need to be sure that they are able to recover in peace. If you have a full-time job, it can be hard for you to give your parent the care that they need during their recovery period because you have to work. A residential care company may be the perfect solution though. The following guide walks you through a few reasons why you may want to consider hiring a residential care company to help your parent until they have fully recovered from their surgery.

Wound Care

After surgery, there is often a wound that needs to be cleaned and dressed regularly. Elderly individuals sometimes have a hard time reaching the places that need to be cared for or may not be able to properly clean the area because they are in pain. The agent from the company will be able to clean and dress the wound every time it needs to be done so that your parent can simply worry about relaxing and healing.

Medication Regimen

In order to be in as little pain as possible during the recovery period, your parent needs to take their medication on a schedule. There are times when elderly individuals can be forgetful and having the agent with your parent will ensure that he or she takes their medication on time.

Sufficient Nutrition

During recovery, your loved one may be in no condition to prepare food for themselves. The agent can not only cook a healthy meal for your loved one, but he or she can also make sure that they are eating it. You want to be sure that your parent gets enough food to help their body recover as quickly as possible.

Household Maintenance

Keeping the house neat and orderly is often very difficult for someone to do after they have had surgery. The agent helping your parent can do light tasks, such as wash dishes, do laundry, or even vacuum to keep your parent's home in tip top shape while they heal.

Ensuring that your parent is well taken care of while they recover from surgery will be easy to do if you hire a residential care company, such as Gateway Living, to give your loved one the care that they need. It is important to realize that you do not have to hire the company for an extended period of time. You can explain the situation and get your parent the care they need for as long or as short of a time as needed.